Our Cause

We want to help you! And you! And you! We have created Bonnie’s Balms product line to reach out to you & share what works for us! Our goal is to reach the bedside tables of those
souls in need of relief, like ourselves :-))

At BONNIE’S BALMS I have created a small family of 100% natural Body Care Balms & Oils to help ease some of the discomfort out of the world.
I created this healing line for people I care about, you and me.
My Cause is to help people one person at a time, quickly & naturally. Whom ever I can touch with my balms will understand the benefits of using natural herbs & cold pressed oils on your body. I have been encouraged by my friends & fans to share my story with you.
So here it goes:

My grandfather was a botanist, herbalist, alchemist, bee keeper & a healer, my grandmother an intuitive Blackfoot Indian. Grandpa was our medicine man in the family. Growing up my family was very close and my grandparents played an important role in the ways I look and feel about plants and herbal medicine. As a child, I was encouraged to learn about & experiment and trust in medicinal plants and their benefits. My mom had the biggest garden around & we survived quite well planning our meals around the bounty as it ripened. I come from a large family in Kansas City, Missouri. My father was a talented painter with 7 kids.

As an adult, my passion lies in the study and experimentation of plants and natural healing.

Rub it Where It Hurts

 Through testing different individual herbs I will find & dream what I seek. I have inherited my grandparents gifts, talents and passions as an herbalist, a healer, an alchemist and an entrepreneur. My father taught me to follow my dreams and to believe in myself. Today, I am following my dreams. BONNIES BALMS is my dream & so are you.  Let me touch your life..

BONNIES BALMS was established Oct. 2008. Since that time we have introduced our Brand of Natural Healing to 1,000’s of people like you & me. You can find BONNIE’S BALMS in over 180 Retail Stores & 7 US states. 90% of our Ingredients come from Colorado Farmers, 10% from our Region.
We are 100% Family Owned & Operated.




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